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Archive for April, 2007

VDSL50 by T-Com

Today, I finally got VDSL. Actually, I was supposted to get it 2 weeks ago, but T-Com managed to have a shortage on the VDSL2 hardware (and refused me to pick some up from one of their stores where there was hardware) and then after I got the hardware, they needed 1 week to activate my VDSL2 line. I think I paid at least € 10 to call their support hotline preventing them to test what else can be done wrong. I wonder how long others had to wait. Anyway, I’m now a lucky guy who didn’t get VDSL25 but VDSL50 with 50Mbit down and 10Mbit up! So now, it’s time to test the line.

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Stadler, biggest bike shop I’ve seen

As my girlfriend decided to go on a bike tour with her little sister next week, a new bike was needed. Also, her old bike, which is her little sister’s bike now, needed to be tuned street safe and easy to drive. So first, we went to “Real” a supermarket chain. They had some really cheap bikes from € 99 up to € 300. We found one for € 229 with seemed pretty nice and bought it. There was no service for installation, so I had to make the bike work. The bike was called “Travel 400″ and had a full chrome look with front suspension and a hard tail. We decided not to get one with Full suspension because we needed a robust carrier.

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