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iRiver Clix

iriver clixHere is the next round in headphone testing at Gravis. This time, I brought my iriver clix with me. The iriver clix is the successor of the iriver U10. It actually looks just like the U10. The only difference is that it has a better chip and more space (up to 4 GB). Iriver mp3 players have excellent sound quality and superior bass, which is extremely important for Hip-Hop listeners like me. Quite disappointed with the sound quality of the iPod, I wanted to know how good the Shure earphones really are.

I don’t really know any other shop than Gravis, where you can actually test such expensive earphones like the Shure E500PTH. Well, I plugged the E500 in my iriver and gave it a go. Clear sound but not much bass. Well, unlike the iPods, I can actually turn up the bass on my iriver. With bass set to maximum, the sound was incredible! It was so well balanced. Unlike my Sony MDR-EX 71 SL earphones, where there the bass boost is so extreme you would never want to listen to them with boost maxed out, the E500 sounded very well with that setting. Of course there was not as much bass as on the Sony, but the bass sounded better, which is way better for any other music except Hip-Hop. The tweeter of the E500 did its job very well, the highs, mediums and lows all sounded just perfect. Another thing that attracted my attention was that I didn’t hear any of the outer noise while wearing them. It was quite impressive because the E500 don’t have a noise cancelling circuit. I’d love to try them in the plane to see how much of the noise I can still hear.

Next were the Shure E4c. All I have to say is that I’m very disappointed by them. The sound like the E500 in the highs, but medium and lows just suck. For its price (~ € 300) I’d except them to sound at least like my Sonys which costs only a tenth.

So now I ended up wanting to buy a pair of the E500, but I don’t have the money. ;)

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