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Highspeed Internet

Until now, I have been using Q-DSL from QSC for my internet connection. The main reason is the high upload rate (1 MBit with SHDSL) which is probably the most you could get. Another reason for choosing QSC is that they don’t have the 24h disconnect. The 24h disconnect is a weird phenomenon which only exists in Germany. Your ISP disconnects your connection without any apparent reason and forces you to reconnect. These reason were enough to let me stay with Q-DSL for 6 years. But now, T-Com has introduced VDSL2 using “FTTC” (Fiber To The Curb). This allows T-Com to offer “VDSL50″ with connection speeds up to 50MBit Downstream and 10MBit Upstream. That would be a ten time increase in speed for me. Enough reason for me to change, even though I now have to suffer from the 24h disconnect. Renting a root server and forwarding all the traffic from its static IP should solve the problem. I’ll write about it when I got it to work. But first I only ordered “VDSL50″. It will be available for me from this April. Let’s see how this will work out.

2 Responses to “Highspeed Internet”

  1. Jim:

    Hmm that’s very interesting, I live in America and I have never experienced this problem before. However, I do experience some disconnects at random intervals of the day.

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  2. john:

    Very strange. 24th disconnect? LOL. Here in America that doesnt happen much. Especially with a reliable high speed internet provider. I just got DSL and its fast. They offer many broadband services, check them out: http://t1-connection.com