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Can money buy happiness?

What is Happiness? It’s a feeling that describes the very positive state of one person. Even though we differ from each other, the cause for happiness is equal. Happiness is the state where all of that our desires are fulfilled. So can money buy happiness?

To get happiness, we need to fulfil all our desires. So actually the question that should be answered is whether money can satisfy our desires. Well, if our desires are materialistic, yes, no doubt about that. But what if someone has a more fancy desire which can’t be bought?

Let me show you one interesting impossible example. Let’s say I have two desires that need to be satisfied to make me happy. One is that I want to win a R400 in the “Love to Lead” contest and the other is to win without cheating… Just kidding, here is the real example: Let’s say I want to have a plane that can fly very high. Nothing hard about this, it can be bought with money. Now I want to build my very own mountain, which is so high that planes can’t fly over it. This can be done with enough money. But what if I’d want my plane to be able to fly over any mountain? Well, you see that it is impossible to fulfil both of my desires at the same time, so I’ll probably end up being unhappy for the rest of my life.

I think this example clearly shows us that happiness can’t be bought.

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