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Archive for March, 2007

first confrontation with AJAX

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, which is an old technique which has gotten very popular now. The best example for this is Google Suggest. The site reacts instantly to your input without reloading the page.
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Mozilla Firefox cursor bug

It seems like Firefox has a problem with disabled and re-enabled text input fields. Once deactivated and then reactivated, the blinking cursor disappears. It is also not possible to see the selection. Although everything works just fine, it is pretty annoying. Here is the solution for this problem. It involves Javascript, but you probably won’t have this problem when you don’t use Javascript to de- and re-activate text fields:

var inbox = document.getElementById( 'idOfInputBox');

iRiver Clix

iriver clixHere is the next round in headphone testing at Gravis. This time, I brought my iriver clix with me. The iriver clix is the successor of the iriver U10. It actually looks just like the U10. The only difference is that it has a better chip and more space (up to 4 GB). Iriver mp3 players have excellent sound quality and superior bass, which is extremely important for Hip-Hop listeners like me. Quite disappointed with the sound quality of the iPod, I wanted to know how good the Shure earphones really are. Read more »

Highspeed Internet

Until now, I have been using Q-DSL from QSC for my internet connection. The main reason is the high upload rate (1 MBit with SHDSL) which is probably the most you could get. Another reason for choosing QSC is that they don’t have the 24h disconnect. The 24h disconnect is a weird phenomenon which only exists in Germany. Your ISP disconnects your connection without any apparent reason and forces you to reconnect. These reason were enough to let me stay with Q-DSL for 6 years. But now, T-Com has introduced VDSL2 using “FTTC” (Fiber To The Curb). This allows T-Com to offer “VDSL50″ with connection speeds up to 50MBit Downstream and 10MBit Upstream. That would be a ten time increase in speed for me. Enough reason for me to change, even though I now have to suffer from the 24h disconnect. Renting a root server and forwarding all the traffic from its static IP should solve the problem. I’ll write about it when I got it to work. But first I only ordered “VDSL50″. It will be available for me from this April. Let’s see how this will work out.

the bottle collectors

Flaschen PfandWhen you walk around in China, you can find people walking around and collecting empty bottles. I always thought this phenomenon only exists in not-yet industrialized countries. The people are so poor that collecting those bottles and selling them to a garbage dealer allows them to make enough money to survive. But during the last few weeks, I began seeing the same phenomenon in Berlin, Germany.

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Is euthanasia fundamental to a civilised society?

This is a very sensitive topic that will split the readers’ and writers’ opinions. Some of us may have already been confronted with it and this makes it hard to have an impartial view on it.

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Can money buy happiness?

What is Happiness? It’s a feeling that describes the very positive state of one person. Even though we differ from each other, the cause for happiness is equal. Happiness is the state where all of that our desires are fulfilled. So can money buy happiness?
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