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Archive for February, 2007

connect to internet via command line

After using Windows Vista, I wondered if it was still possible to connect to internet via VPN (Virtual Private Network) or DUN (Dial-Up Networking) though the command line. Well, it works just like before in XP.

The command for connecting is (replace name with the name of the connection):
rasphone.exe -t "name"

The command for disconnecting is:
rasphone.exe -h "name"

Is hate a stronger emotion than love?

It’s probably not very hard to see that sadly, the nice project “Love to Lead” has been sabotaged and it has become impossible for the real contributors to win. A € 3000 prize for a simple blog article will lure cheaters and there is no way to prevent this.
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Are computer games a waste of time?

Yes, it definitely is! I played “Counter-Strike” for years, but I would do it again if I’d given the chance to choose.
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Vista on my Notebook

After getting everything to work on my Desktop with Windows Vista, I decided to install Vista on my notebook too. I own a Acer Extensa 2902, which is nothing else than the Travelmate 292 Lmi-M11. With a Pentium M Centrino 1,4 Ghz, 1 GB Ram, 80 GB hard disk and a Mobility Radeon 9700 with 64MB, it still meets the minimum requirements for Vista new Look’n'Feel, Aero Glass. It’s one of the major reasons why I installed Vista. I just can’t take that ugly look of XP. Of course there are other reasons, but a nice design lets you work much more comfortable. Vista will probably rob the gamebility of my Notebook. I don’t think that it’ll be even close for running Vista and a 3D accelerated game at the same time. Well, after having a working set of CD for installation, it actually only took me two tries to install it. Quite amazing compared to my Desktop try. So next were the drivers again. Luckily, the only things missing were my network printer and Bluetooth. The network printer worked perfectly using the workaround I wrote about but Bluetooth was not working. I need BlueSoleil, but the Vista-Version 3.0 is still not finished. Too bad, but I didn’t need it anyway. So now I came across the next problem: Roaming profiles under Vista with Windows 2003 Small Business Server.

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Surround sound and Windows Vista

I finally have surround sound! After suffering way to long with the built-in stereo sound from the default drivers of Windows Vista, I am finally able to enjoy music on Computer again. I only own a Soundblaster Live! 5.1, which is really old, but still a very nice soundcard. But when Creative decided not to support the Live! Series under Windows Vista, I decided to never buy another Creative sound card again. I hope many of you do the same. Anyway, I wanted my 5.1 sound back on Vista, so what now? Luckily, I came across the kX Project on Driver Heaven. They have made their own Driver for the EMU10K1 chip, which is also used on the Soundblaster Live! Series. Their official download page is kind of old, but on the Driver Heaven forum, they have posted new drivers which work under Windows Vista just fine. I got the 3538m version, which worked perfectly after some configuring. Read more to see how to configure it for 5.1 sound.
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network printers under vista

After using Windows Vista for a few weeks and several emails with Samsung support, there seemed to be no solution to get my printer (Samsung ML-1410) to work as a network driver. My printer was connected to my SBS2003 Server (Windows Small Business Server 2003) via USB and shared as \\Server\Samsung Laser. My Notebook (XP) could access it without problems, but my fresh install of Vista on my desktop computer always gave me 2 different errors. First one is “The specified print monitor is unknown”, which is caused by disabling User Access Control (UAC). Turning it back on might help some, but it didn’t work for me. I got the error “There is not enough memory to complete this operation”. Anyway, here is the solution for this problem:
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enjoying music

Shure E4cToday, I went to Gravis, a store selling all things from Apple and equipment for it. Because I just sold my iRiver SlimX iMP 550, I wanted to check out the Apple Ipods. There was one other major reason why I went to Gravis. They had all Shure earphones there for customers to try. Because Shure earphones are extremely expensive, I wanted to test them. I myself only own a pair of Sony’s MDR-EX 71 SL.

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