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international green week

Last Saturday, my girlfriend and me went to the “International Green Week” in Berlin. It’s a exhibition from the food industry. Everything you can find there has something to do with our everday food. The price for a day ticket is € 6,00 for students.

It’s quite amazing to see all kind of food from the whole world, although most of the halls were filled with German food. People were eating everywhere and there is a lot of food for you to try. Unlike the years before, most things you could try weren’t free. I guess they wanted to prevent those people from coming and eating everything away. Anyway, there were still some people who offered a little for free. Mostly there was peperoni and cheese. Everything else was € 1. If you really wanted to try everything, you’d have to bring hundreds of euros with you. Let’s take the peperoni for example, there were so many kinds from every country. They were all very tasty, but one kind was somehow special. I liked it so much that I bought one for € 10. It wasn’t big but the taste was just great. It’s so intense that you only need a very thin slice and could enjoy the full taste of it. As for all the cheese, I liked the swiss one most. I can’t say what kind of cheese it was, but it felt so nice on my tongue.

To show how the food was produced, they even had a little farm inside of those halls. And in one of those farm halls, they had a rabbit exibition, showing every kind of rabbit you can find in Germany. The first ones were normal, nothing you couldn’t find in the city. But then, there came the “Deutscher Riese” (German Giant). It was so huge! I couldn’t believe it. I have never seen such a huge rabbit before. There were the biggest rabbits in Germany and have an average weight of about 15 pounds! It was so fascinating that I took a picture of it with my girfriend standing next to it so see how big it is. Enjoy:

Deutscher Riese

Anyway, it was quite fun to go there and trying out all the food. They were all very tasty, but maybe the reason for this is that you had only very little of everything to try. Many things stop tasting good if you get more of it. I’ll try it out with my peperoni. Can’t wait to eat another slice of it!

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  1. junny:

    Du hast verggessen zu erwähnen, dass die Salami aus deinem Lieblingsland, Frankreich, stammt.