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Archive for January, 2007

Making WordPress multilangual

UPDATE: I wrote my own multilingual plugin, which works way better than Polyglot. Check it out here.

After spending days on installing all kinds of pluginsand “hacking” around in the code of several plugins, I think I am finally finished. Here is the list of plugins I use:

When I first installed Polyglot on WordPress 2.0.x, some little things didn’t work. WordPress didn’t apply filters for things they should have and Polyglot didn’t add filters for those functions, so some things didn’t get translated. After updating to 2.1, I have to say that every bug I fixed a week ago (why didn’t I move to WordPress a week later?), was already fixed. But the bug fixes for Polyglot were still needed. The main reason for me hacking around in Polyglot were the Date functions. It was not using strftime, which caused me not to be able to translate full string names of week days, month or years. After getting this to work, I installed the “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin, which generates a sitemap of all my wordpress pages. But sadly, it didn’t support Polyglot, so I had to hack around in it too, although this was pretty easy compared to the Polyglot “hacking”. So if anyone else is using Polyglot and Google XML Sitemaps and want them to work together, here are my files zipped. Read more to see a list of changes made by me.

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Vista + Firefox + Videos

Today, I browsed through my website to check how everything is looking in Vista. Everything was looking just fine, except the videos. Firefox told me that “mplayer2″ was missing and only showed a box saying missing Add-On. I googled around and found the solution:

  1. Download npwmsdrm.dll
  2. Download npdsplay.dll
  3. Copy them into the Firefox Plugin directory. (In my case: “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\”)
  4. Restart Firefox and you are done.

Here comes Vista!

Microsoft Windows Vista is finally out! As a student with MSDNAA subscription, I can get the “Business” version of Windows Vista for free. So yesterday, I downloaded everything and installed in on my computer to give it a try. I read on Wikipedia something about an 20 minute installation, so I was quite disappointed for needing the whole day to do a clean setup. Unlike the retail version, I could only get the 5 CD version. They tried to make every CD image smaller than 640 MB, so the 5th CD ended up to be only 8 MB big. Seriously, who uses blank CDs with less than 650 MB capacity anymore?

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RAM error, what next?

As some of you might know, I use a pair of 512MB Twinmos Twister Pro Dual Channel RAM. They’re not only the fastest DDR1 modules around, but they permit overclocking without voiding the warranty. Of course, they weren’t cheap when I bought them almost 2 years ago. Around last week, my computer started crashing and I ran memtest86. It showed me several errors during test 5. I couldn’t believe it, because I didn’t even overcloak those modules. Anyway, I wrote to Twinmos, asking about the “lifetime warranty”. And what response did I get? “We don’t give out warranty on these modules anymore”. WTF? These modules are not even 2 years old! It seems like the Twinmos lifetime warranty is limited by them to the time they are still producing the product. But actually, for those who bought the RAM later than me, they might not even had 1 year of warranty. What a rip-off!

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international green week

Last Saturday, my girlfriend and me went to the “International Green Week” in Berlin. It’s a exhibition from the food industry. Everything you can find there has something to do with our everday food. The price for a day ticket is € 6,00 for students.

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Moving to WordPress

I have used my own CMS for about a year now, but last week, when I installed WordPress for my girlfriends homepage, I was kind of fascinated by its features. Although WordPress has no multilangual support out-of-the-box, but there was a plugin which made it possible. It’s called Polygot and allows the usage of multiple languages. Because WordPress is W3C conform by default, I decided to do the same with my design.

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