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time for winter sports

?It’s getting cold again. All the years before, I’d stay at home in front of my heater and hope for the winter to end. But after my Shanghai trip, I changed. Winter is great, why? Because of winter sports. I had so much fun with the indoor skiing hall in Shanghai and Beijing that I just bought myself a complete set for snowboarding. First, I got snowboarding clothes from “Tchibo”. It is pretty cheap compared with professional clothing, but still very nice. I paid ~ € 130 for jacket, pants and gloves. Then I looked for an used board with bindings. On eBay, I found one from Salomon called “Substance” with “SP3″ Bindings also from Salomon. It matched my clothing pretty good and had the correct length (151 cm), so I bought it for € 150. I hoped to get it cheaper, but some jerk kept trying to outbid me from € 120 until € 150, when he finally gave up. So now only the boots where missing. I walked into a ski and snowboard store and tried some used and new ones on. K2, Burton and some other brands, but suprisingly, only the Salomons seem to fit my feet. Well, I went home, opened my browser and bought myself some Salomon boots for € 40 on eBay. The boots are still on the way to me, but I already got the rest. Really nice stuff, but very expensive. But since renting equiment is unaffordable too, I hope I mad the best choice. Can’t wait to get on the snow again with my “new” board!

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