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christmas is coming

It’s december again and Christmas is coming. Well, I should be very festive and motivated in the university. But first, I need to be awake. Like every day morning, I get woken up way too early and it is not very astonishing that I am very tired after I got to the university. How to help myself out in this problematic situation? How to survive another day of endless lecuring? How to become motivated? How to become festive for Christmas? Is there even a solution for this?

Yes, there is! It’s a fairly black colored liquid called “Coca-Cola”. It gets you awake and motivated quick and dirty. All you have to do is put 90 cent into the vending machine and press the big red “I NEED COKE NOW” button. But last thursday, something was different. I woke up after a short sleep, got to the university, walked in front of the vending machine, took out 1 euro and threw it into the vending machine. Then I pressed the bid red button. 5 seconds later: nothing happend. 10 seconds later: still no reaction from the machine. 60 seconds later: I finally realised that there was no coke bottle for me there. What happend? I hit the “GIMME MY MONEY BACK” button. But that didn’t seem to work either. So I started hitting and kicking that machine. But still, it didn’t even think about giving me a coke bottle or returning my money. A friend of mine was standing next to me and tried it too. Same thing, no coke! So we called the Coke-Vending-Machine-Service-Center. A friendly woman wrote down my name and cell phone number and promised me to pay my 1 euro back. Now I was really excited to see if Coca-Cola is really going to pay me back. This thought was so fascinating that it kept me awake for the rest of the day, so coke saved the day again!

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