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raid for the win

When I got up today morning, my network didn’t seem to work. The DHCP server wasn’t running… Well, I manually set up my ip, trying to ping my server. It seemed to be offline. I turned on the monitor for the server, but it stayed completely black. What now? Well, I restarted the server. But then, my Raid Controller told me my RAID 5 array was broken and asked me if I want to continue booting. How did that happen? Well, I continued booting and everything was working again. RAID 5 is really something nice. Without it, I’d have just lost around 400 GB data. So I downloaded the configuration GUI from Highpoint and started it to get a closer look of what had happened. The Utility told me there was an I/O Error and suggested me to rebuild the array. I clicked okay and everything was fine again. Good thing I was using RAID…

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