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Archive for October, 2006

war against spam

Now, after I am using Spambayes as my learning Spam filter for Emails, I thought Spam would be something from the past. But I was wrong, I am now getting comment spam. Basically, the spammers post in my comment fields with links to their pages. This way, the can not only reach new people with their posts, but can also raise their Google PageRank. So how to stop all of this effectively? Well, there are some ways, let me list them to you:

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scoop movie

Tonight my girlfriend and me went to the Cinestar movie theater at Berlin Potsdamer Platz. We decided to give “Sneak Preview” a try. At “Sneak Preview”, you buy movie tickets for a movie that is coming into theaters soon, so you can see it before everyone else does. But there is a deal, you don’t know which movie it is going to be. So you basically spend money for something you don’t know. Maybe the movie is good, maybe not.

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college life starts again

After a long long break, university started again this week. And just as usual, the problems began.

So Sunday evening, when every lazy student like me realizes, that he has to get up early the next day to go to the university, he goes to set his alarm clock. But what time am I supposed to set it to? So here was my first problem: I didn’t have a time table because I was too lazy making one before. Well, I went back into my working room, started Firefox and opened TU-Berlin’s Homepage. One click on “VV” (university calendar) and I should be able to quickly plan my new term. Well, at least I thought so. My next problem just started. It seemed that TU-Berlin had so many more lazy students like me that the “VV” server had crashed by a deady DoS-attack (Denial-of-Service Attack) from thousands of evil little student computers owned by those lazy people just like me. So no way to look up courses now, or is there? Well, I called Jonas and asked him to send me a list of courses he has finished already so I could catch up. So now we used Google and tried to find our courses. And again the problems started. The results were mainly from 1994-1998, where the first websites started for those courses. But nonetheless, we found our courses after hours of searching. Here are some courses I’m taking this semster: Automatic image analysis, Analoge and digital electronics, embedded realtime systems and computer graphics.

bike tuning

Sorry for not posting much in a lot time now. I’ll try to keep up my work here again.

After having so much fun with my bike in China, I decided to tune my bike in Germany too. First of all, I needed some security. Unlike in China, driving around in your bike can be quite dangerous. Not because of the traffic, but because of your speed. In China, it’s usually too crowded to even drive faster than 20 mph (30 kmh) as a car, so bike will be around 6 mph (10 kmh). Higher speed is not recommended in China because most bikes don’t have the brakes to get you stopped fast enough. You won’t have the opportunity to drive that fast anyway because 99% of all bikes drive at 6 mph. But in Germany, my average bike speed is around 16 mph (26 kmh) on almost empty roads with top speeds around 26 mph (42 kmh) or even higher downhill. It often happens that you will have to fully brake sometime because some kid’s ball roll on the road. Just like a car, you have to brake really fast. But my rear brakes were pretty down, so I needed new brakes. I bought me a V-Brake by Promax for € 9.95. Now, after I was able to brake, I concentrated on the next problem: Lights. In Germany, you are only allowed to drive your bike on the road if you have a full dynamo based lighting system. Meaning in detail at least:

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