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gokart racing in Berlin

Gokart Racing in BerlinAfter racing for the first time in Shanghai, I had to race again. I went to the “Kart-World & Freizeitpark am Juliusturm” in Berlin-Spandau. The price was okay, € 5,50 for 8 minutes plus € 2,50 for a full head mask (for keeping the helmets clean). This time, the 400m track was indoor. I went there with my girlfriend, her little sister, Jonas and Foxi. All first time drivers except for me, the second-time driver.

Along with 3 other drivers, we started a 8 kart race. The other drivers seemed to regular guests of the track, so it was hard to compete against them. I finished third, after 2 of those other drivers. One of them lost against me, making him the forth. Jonas got the 5th place, my girlfriend the 6th, her little sister the 7th and Foxi placed 8th. My average speed on that track was about 35.73 kph or 22.20 mph making my best lap time around 39.29 seconds. At least I kicked one of those regular driver’s ass.

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