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camping ecktannen

After returning to Germany, I was quite busy. So last weekend, after all work was done, I rented a car and went to Müritz with my girlfriend. Müritz is the biggest lake in Germany. After a 2 hour drive, we arrived in Waren, a little city at the north coast of Müritz. The amazing view there fascinated us. It was so beatiful. The air was so fresh, the sky perfectly blue and water incredibly clear. After building up our tent, we started barbecueing. Afterwrads, we went sleeping really early. At 5 am, we got up and walked to the beach and watched the sunrise. In the afternoon, we rented a 2 person kayak and paddled from Müritz through a little water way into the Müritz national park. We had so much fun there. After another barbecue, the sky was already dark and we could watch all those stars while resting in front of our tent. On Sunday, we went to a monkey hill and watched how they were lying really lazy in the trees sleeping and how the were scaring the little kids. It was quite amousing. If anyone comes to Germany the next time, I will definetely recommend them to go to Müritz.

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