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travelling to the past

Einstein said, when you move faster than the light, you will see the time running backwards, making it possible to see the past. Well, I had a little different experience with seeing the happenings of the past.

I was chatting with my girlfriend through X-Lite and Skype. X-Lite for voice and Skype for video. Well, we talked for a pretty long time while I wasn’t looking at Skype. Then, after I looked back, I saw my girlfriend sitting in front of the computer, but didn’t she say like 5 minutes ago she was going to sit on the bed for a while? So I asked her and she confirmed that she was sitting on the bed. Well, a little lag is nothing special. After 5 minutes, I was still seeing her in front of the computer. Thats weird, I thought, so I asked her to raise her right hand. And about 10 minutes later, I finally saw her sitting on the bed raising her hand. But during the whole time, she was seeing me in real-time, with not much lag. So I turned the webcam around and showed my screen to her. I guess it’s a funny feeling seeing yourself just like in the mirror, but doing things you are not during right now. She told me it was a little creepy. Well, after another 30 minutes, I felt like I went into a time warp. Her talking speed slowed down and her repsonses too. Pretty soon, it took 30 seconds for her to answer a question I asked. It was like falling into a black hole. Lag couldn’t be that bad could it? I always though TCP-IP has a 3 minute timeout, but Skype topped it with over 10 minutes. The X-Lite line dropped after the lag was bigger than 1 minute. So there was only one thing left to do, I restarted my PC and back here I was, out of the black hole into reality.

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