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snowboarding in beijing

The Indoor Skiing hall in Beijing is called “Qiaobo Ice and Snow World”. The Hall is sperated into 2 slopes. One slope is twice as long as the other one, and a lot steeper on the upper half. The lower half of the longer slope is just like the other slope and has some little hills for jumping. There is a fun park on the short slope, but it was located way to high. You couldn’t get fast enough to do a jump over the jumping hill, so the short slope was pretty boring. The upper half of the long slope was closed some days ago, so I can’t tell you how that is. I did go a little further than allowed and rode maybe 1/3 of the steeper slope of the top. It was quite nice and you could get pretty fast. I think many people went to the top and had some problems getting back down safely, so they closed it. The snow is very nice on the lower half, in fact it was so smooth that when you fell from a jump, you could rode down to the bottom of the slope on your behind. I did it once and my behind is still feeling that fall. There is one lift on the short slope, a beginner lift, just like a escalator. On the long slope, there were 2 lifts, both very nice to ride and way faster than the Shanghai lift. The entry price is more expensive than in Shanghai. 180 RMB an hour on weekends. In Shanghai, I payed 109 RMB for the hole day! But in Beijing, they have a student price, which is 150 RMB for the hole day. I went there with my parents in the evening. It’s only 198 RMB in the evening for 4 hours of skiing. All the equipment are much nicer in Beijing than in Shanghai. But they don’t rent gloves in Beijing. I had a nice time there and it if they open the long slope completely again, it will be really nice.

3 Responses to “snowboarding in beijing”

  1. myfreestyle_08:

    Cool article dude! I learned a lot from snowboarding in china. Thanks

  2. Carla Silvestre:

    Sounds great! I like to go here someday…

  3. Forum Youngblood:

    Is this an indoor park? One of my friends went to the indoor slopes in Dubai and said that so many people were falling down that it was hard to get a decent run in.