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4 days in nanning

Just few days after arriving in Beijing with 55kg of luggage, I’m on my way to Nanning, visiting my relatives there. I’m flying with Shenzhen Airlines for the first time. The plane seems to be a bit old, an 737/700. It’s also a bit noisy in here. Seems like I have to get used to it since I have to probably take the same plane back to Beijing.

After taking the photo for my new id, I had nothing important to do anymore in Nanning, so it was time for leisure. Playing Games, phoning with my girlfriend. Nothing special happend. I’m still alive…

So now I’m planning to make QCMS lite multilangual. I thought it would be nice if the German people could read everything in German, the Chinese in Chinese and everyone else in English. I don’t think that everyone is that familiar with English. My English isn’t very good either. Let’s see how long this will take me.

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