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Archive for June, 2006

4 days in nanning

Just few days after arriving in Beijing with 55kg of luggage, I’m on my way to Nanning, visiting my relatives there. I’m flying with Shenzhen Airlines for the first time. The plane seems to be a bit old, an 737/700. It’s also a bit noisy in here. Seems like I have to get used to it since I have to probably take the same plane back to Beijing.

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goodbye shanghai

Well, after 4 month in Shanghai, I have to say it has become the city I like the most in china. After being in Germany for over 16 years, I found a lot of interesting things which I wasn’t very familiar with. Let me list some of them to you:

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remote installation service

You all have probably reinstalled Windows XP, booting from CD, listening to that annoying sound of the CD drive, sitting in front of the pc with nothing to do and waiting for windows to let you fill out those stupid forms. One solution to solve the problem is an unattended Installation CD. But then, you still need a CD-Rom drive, which is pretty slow. A 1x CD-Rom drive reads at 154KB/s, so yours at home with maybe an average of 30x will read at 4,5MB/s. Because a main part of the installation process consists of copying files, a faster source would save you plenty of time. So what can you choose for a better installation source? A network of course. A 100Mbit network will do around 11MB/s and a 1000Mbit network even more. Imagine what time you can save! Well, you might think making a network installation is something very hard. But if you only want a simple installation with default settings, it is really easy on Windows 2003 Server.

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gokart racing

Well, it was the first time for me going crazy on those karts. Go-kart racing seems to be a fun but expensive sport. It is 50 Yuan for 8 minutes of pure adrenaline. I have to say… definitely worth it! Although I wouldn’t go there a second time (at least not on that track), but I really enjoyed it. We drove a Yamaha K-9 with a top speed of 80 km/h, the real speed you get with all those corners is probably maximum 60km/h. But sitting all low on those karts, it feels so fast!

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