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power consumption

You think upgrading your computer is expensive? Ever though about the power being even more expensive? My old Windows server used an AMD Athlon Thunderbird C 1400 MHz (73W). The CPU temperature was always above 70°C. It’s like you are using electricity to heat instead of using it to compute things. My other Linux server, an AMD Athlon 650 (70W), not to mention my Desktop PC with an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (77W) are also power eaters. Now with 4 computers, my electricity bill would be € 80 every month. If I use Virtualization to put my Windows and Linux server onto one machine, I would save a lot of power money, but it would slow my systems down a lot. So I would have to upgrade my server to let both systems run on one machine.

Well, I looked around, found the Sempron 2800+, which seemed to be one of those CPUs using less power. I bought it with a MSI main board together for € 100. After putting the parts together, a test run astonished me. While my old server cpu coolers were always hot as hell (70°C), the cooler of the Sempron 2800+ wouldn’t even get warm even after I stopped the fan for minutes! So it really uses the power to calculate stuff and not to heat anymore.

I made a little calculation and figured out, that with my new server, I would save around € 200 worth of power in a year, so when I run my 2 servers now on my new server which cost me € 100, I still gain € 100 after using them for a hole year.

From now on, I think I will only buy low power usage CPUs, even if they cost € 20 more, you will get it back soon enough. And using old computers instead of buying a cheap power saving machine is something I won’t do anymore. Of course this only matters to you if you have to pay the electrical bill or if you are an environmentalist.

Anyway, is there someone who wants some parts of my old server? I’m selling the AMD Athlon Thunderbird C 1400 MHz on a MSI K7Master DDR board with an Artic Cooling super silent CPU cooler. If you are interested, drop me an email at mail@qinqian.de.

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