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snowboarding in Shanghai

Somehow is my blog turning into a video blog… Anyway, Frank, my cousin, some other friends and me went to the Shanghai Indoor Skiing Hall. It’s supposed to be the biggest in the world, 380m long, 80m wide. It costs 218 Yuan for unlimited time skiing and 109 Yuan for unlimited time snowboarding. The slope is divided into 3 parts. The highest part was as steep as the second part, but had some small hills on it, where you could perform small jumps. The second part was divided into a fun-area with slide bars and a normal downhill slope. the third part is as long as the other two together. It wasn’t steep at all and is really beginner friendly.

The hall is very big, but had almost no decoration, so it looked really ugly. The lift was way too slow, it was going at 1km/h or so, 3 times slower than walking! So skiing there is basically 30 seconds downhill, 3 minutes uphill with the lift. Not so much fun.

Anyway, I shoot some videos with my cell phone and cut them together in a video. Take a look:

Download this video (Right click, save as)

One Response to “snowboarding in Shanghai”

  1. Steve:

    This is definatley one of the places in my top 10 list to go snowboarding