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Archive for May, 2006


I finally found some time and got this project working again. If you are being uncreative lately, you should go and play a little. It will definitely help you. Give it a try!


qobject and mysql

After years of programming web applications, I often found myself debugging MySQL queries. Usually, they don’t even show that fast. Sometimes I spend hours trying to find the error of my php script, changing code parts, I once even redone the whole script and wondered why it still doesn’t work until I found the error in the SQL query. Well, people learn from the faults the make, but I didn’t, at least until some time ago. You maybe read an earlier blog entry of mine about QCMS, an object-oriented php5 content management system I was making. I have used a lot of other CMS, in fact, I am still using Mambo for my free hosting service Kawaii Page. Something was always bugging me about programming modules for other CMS, so I figured it isn’t php but MySQL! Creating tables, queries and all those properties… I wanted to improve this behavior in my CMS. Anyway, I ported the key element QObject from php4 to php5, to test it on a production system (China-Restaurants in Berlin).

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moving to vmware

Having a Windows server is a nice thing, but some Linux functions are always missing. But running 2 servers would cost too much power, so the result is virtualization. But how do you move an existing installation of Windows 2003 Server into VMware running on Linux? If you simply install Linux on a different partition, and try to mount the Windows partitions into VMware, Windows won’t start. Windows has something against being moved. So we need a work around. The magic word here is ASR (Automatic System Recovery). Here is how I did it:

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power consumption

You think upgrading your computer is expensive? Ever though about the power being even more expensive? My old Windows server used an AMD Athlon Thunderbird C 1400 MHz (73W). The CPU temperature was always above 70°C. It’s like you are using electricity to heat instead of using it to compute things. My other Linux server, an AMD Athlon 650 (70W), not to mention my Desktop PC with an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (77W) are also power eaters. Now with 4 computers, my electricity bill would be € 80 every month. If I use Virtualization to put my Windows and Linux server onto one machine, I would save a lot of power money, but it would slow my systems down a lot. So I would have to upgrade my server to let both systems run on one machine.

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raid systems

Data security has become a quite important subject. Everyone who has been using a computer for a while, has collected a lot of data on the computer. Some of them are useless, but many of them are important. Your photos for example, almost everyone has a digital camera today and where are those pictures stored usually? Right, on your computer! Now think about you hard disk crashing someday. All you data will be lost, it’s just like someone burned down you photo albums. Further more, all documents you created, all the efforts you put into your computer, all gone…

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making images talk

To clarify the topic, this text is about electronic voices and image processing. Well, some days ago, I installed Skype 2.5 BETA and found a funny plug-in for it. It’s called Crazytalk. It is a virtual Webcam for Skype, making images of animals, drawings or people talk. The lips were synchronized to your voice. It looked pretty real, so I wanted to create something similar.

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snowboarding in Shanghai

Somehow is my blog turning into a video blog… Anyway, Frank, my cousin, some other friends and me went to the Shanghai Indoor Skiing Hall. It’s supposed to be the biggest in the world, 380m long, 80m wide. It costs 218 Yuan for unlimited time skiing and 109 Yuan for unlimited time snowboarding. The slope is divided into 3 parts. The highest part was as steep as the second part, but had some small hills on it, where you could perform small jumps. The second part was divided into a fun-area with slide bars and a normal downhill slope. the third part is as long as the other two together. It wasn’t steep at all and is really beginner friendly.

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