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remote code execution

No, this is not about how to hack into some system. It is only for remote controlling a computer where you have administrative access, but for some reasons you cannot login with through the system itself. My problem was my server. When I took it with me to China, I did not bring anything else along other than the motherboard, cpu, ram and harddrive. So I had nothing else except the TCP-IP connection in Windows to configure it. So how do you access that computer through TCP-IP?

Well first you need the command line tools you want to use on the target system. You can do that by accessing \\MACHINENAME\C$ for the C: Partition. Copy the tools in there. Then there are 2 methods running them.

One is through the task scheduler. Press Windows + R, enter cmd and click okay. Now enter:
schtasks /create /s \\MACHINENAME /sc once /tn TASKNAME /tr THECOMMAND /st HH:MM:SS
If you use a non-English system, you may need to change the word ONCE (e.g. EINMAL on a German system). Now if you entered a time coming in a few minutes, the command will be executed at that time. If you want to execute it immediately, enter:
schtasts /run /s \\MACHINENAME /tn TASKNAME

The second method is a little different. The key here is to access the remote machine over telnet. First you need to start it. Go to Services in Control Panel, and remotely connect it with your target machine. Find the service telnet and start it. Now press windows key + r, enter cmd and click ok. Enter telnet and press return. Now you started the telnet client. Enter o MACHINENAME to connect it to you system. Now you have a full remote command line to execute commands.

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