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sightseeing in Beijing

On the Great WallOn Sunday 9th, April, my parents, Frank and me went to Qingxiling (Western Qing Tombs). The weather was quite nice that day. At Qingxiling, one of the Tombs was constructed like the echo wall next to Tiantan (Temple of Heaven). You could stand at the one end of the wall and talk. Everyone else next to the wall would hear you clearly just as if you are on the phone with him. It was quite fun. When you were in the center of the echo wall, you could speak quietly and you could hear your voice echoed back pretty loud.

On Tuesday, Junny joined us on our trip to Tiananmen, Gugong (Forbidden City), Wangfujing (biggest pedestrian zone) and Xiushuijie (Fake Market). Not everything went perfectly that day, but it was still fun. We started of in a traffic jam and ended up in Gugong where some of the main buildings were being repaired. Nevertheless we listened to our automatic guides telling us how the emperor enjoyed his nice life (with his 3000 unofficial wives). Later on, we rode the bus to Wangfujing and went shopping at Xiushuijie.

The next day, we wanted to go to Badaling, but because I slept a little too long, there seem to be no buses around. Someone told us he could drive us there for 81 Yuan per person, but we refused. Instead, we went to Quanjude and ate the famous Beijing roasted duck. Afterwards, we took the bus to Tiantan. And what did we find? Tiantan was being repaired. Nothing seems to be open these days… Anyway, we walked to the legendary echo wall, but there were so many people there we didn’t hear anything at all.

Finally, on Thursday, we went to Badaling, a good location for visiting the famous Great Wall of China. While climbing the Great Wall, I took a lot of pictures, which can be found in my coppermine gallery. We walked from Badaling main entrance, passing Haohanpo (a very steep part of the Great Wall) to the back entrance where the buses back to Beijing were. For only 10 Yuan, we found a bus to take us back to Beijing.

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