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flying to Beijing

To BeijingFrank and I are sitting in the plane to Beijing right now. While I was trying to sleep, Frank ordered “pinguozhi” (apple juice) twice in Chinese. But both times they nodded, smiled back really nicely and gave him mineral water. I don’t know why they didn’t understand him, but “pingguozhi” doesn’t sound like “mineral water” at all. Maybe they give out mineral water to everyone they don’t understand?The entertainment program on board is quite funny. They are playing a show called “Gags – Just for Laughs”, where they mock all kind of people. There also was a funny Coke advertisement, where Chinese track superstar saved a guy by giving him, no, not his hand but a coke bottle! Really crazy stuff…

Well, I hope we land in Beijing soon, the flight is really starting to bug me, it’s almost 3 pm and we haven’t had anything to eat yet.

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