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Lord of War

Lord of WarLord of War is a movie from 2005. In the preview, the movie looked like a lot of action and fun, which seemed to be my favourite kind of movies, the action comedies. But after watching it, it revealed itself as a pretty criticizing movie about war in the world and where they get their weapons from to fight each other.On many documentaries, you can see that guns like the famous AK-47 are very cheap in the 3rd world countries. On one I saw, the people were happy to trade their AK-47 in for a simple radio. The offer was made by some kind of world peace organisation. Anyway, when people would hand in their weapons happily for a radio, there is something definitely going wrong. At that time, I didn’t think about it any further. Now after watching “Lord of War”, it came back up to my mind.

This movie starts off as a very amusing comedy, but gets more and more serious and ends as a tragedy. It has a touch like Michael Moore’s documentaries, i.e. “Bowling for Columbine”, only with much more action. So basically, it is a criticism about the US, but I think the US isn’t the only country shipping their weapons to other countries. It definitely is good business, but not very human. The movie shows this in a funny way, when the protagonist Yuri Orlov, played by Nicolas Cage, got everything he wanted, even the girl of his dreams, by selling guns successfully. While the main part of the movie shows how Yuri life goes, at the end, when he gets captured by US forces, it revealed a fact that got my brain thinking for a while. Shortly after he got captured, without getting to court, Yuri was released. The reason Yuri gave is simple: His weapon trades are small, but necessary. The US government might trade legally with some countries, but can’t trade with every single one of them, i.e. to both countries which are in war with each other. And to those countries the government does not officially export, Yuri does. So in the end, he is simply a puppet used by the government.

So this brings us back to the point of weapons for war. They can’t be produced by the 3rd world countries, but are commonly used. What to do to stop this huge massacre? Is there a way? Well, every time I get to this point, I find myself at 2 answers: First is to try to change it. You might not succeed, but it will definitely take a heavy amount of time, maybe your whole life. The other answer is to leave it like that and to hope someone else maybe does something, to continue with your life and enjoy yours while others are shooting each other. I choose the second way, maybe it is inhuman, but there are so many things which could be better, but it is simply impossible to change everything.

Well, “Lord of War” is one movie you should have definitely seen once.

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