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Let me tell you something about QCMS lite, the Content Management Software used for this website.

The file structure looks like this:

all the blog entries go in here
stylesheets go in here

  • style.css
    cascading style sheet for the template

all images files are stored here
all important php includes go in here
all the pages accessible in markdown format go in here

  • error.txt
    the default 404 page in markdown

all the site modules go in here

  • samedirmenu.php
    generates a menu with all files in the same level

all the pages accessible in php format go in here

  • blog.php
    the blog page which is used as startpage on this site

rewriterule for domains
configuration file
this is the core of QCMS
template file

Whenever I need to add a page, I simply create a text file and put it in the markdown directory. It will be automatically added to the menu. For new blog entries, I simply drop the text file in the blog directory. It will get ordered correctly and displayed on the main page.

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