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Huangshan Mountain

Huang ShanFrank, my girlfriend and me went to Huangshan Mountain for a weekend. Friday March 10th, 2006, we started off at People Square in Shanghai, riding some bus to Huangshan. We booked our 3-day trip for RMB 498 the day before in a travel agency. First day was hell. At first, heavy fog caused the highways to be locked down, so we needed to take an alternative route which cost us 2 hours. Then the food at our lunch break was so bad we almost puked. After we finally arrived at the hotel, their heater was broken. No warm water in a 3-star hotel! At least dinner wasn’t too bad.

The second day started of to be rainy. We got up at 6am and equiped ourselfs with all kind of weird anti-rain stuff, like the blue smurf shoes. After getting on the mountain, we saw the the cliffs were locked because of the rain. So the most fun parts of Huangshan are basically closed. At least the rain stopped when we got on top. So we walked around and enjoyed the really nice scenery. Frank took a lot of pictures with his new digicam. You can see some of his pictures at Frank’s Website. After noodles for lunch, it started to rain again. Even my shoes got all soaked up with the dirty water. Soon, we decided to descend back to our hotel. It was definitely time to get a warm nice shower. And we got it! The heater was finally repaired and we got hot water! What a luxury… Later that day we got us a leg massage and went to bed early because we needed to get up at 6 am again the next day.

The third day was all about finishing up the trips final program and getting home as fast as possible. First, we went to “Jiu Long Waterfall”, a combination of 9 waterfalls together. It looked really nice. Afterwards, we went to a “snake poison research facility” which tried to sell us the poison and tested some crappy tea. (both were increadibly expensive though) After the “jade stone store” where the trip guide explicitly told us to get out there as soon as possible, so we can finally drive home, we arrived in Shanghai at 11 pm.

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